Fitness Mobile Text Marketing Ideas

by Michael Armstrong

fitness smsFitness mobile text marketing, or text message marketing, is a remarkable strategy to use when working towards a more “noticed” fitness related business. There are various tools available that can be used for developing and executing a successful fitness SMS marketing plan.

It doesn’t matter if you run a health club, personal training business, fitness center or gym because mobile marketing strategies will help get your overall fitness marketing plan headed in the right direction.

  • Health Club Marketing Plans  are going Mobile
  • Fitness Center Marketing Plans are going Mobile
  • Personal Training Marketing Plans are going Mobile
  • Gym Marketing Plans are going Mobile

I will now share with you the five fitness marketing ideas to consider including into your fitness center marketing plan. These are particularly beneficial to fitness brands, fitness centers, or other fitness businesses.

  1. Professional help – Find SMS marketing companies for professional help. The most valuable and helpful resource is having an online company who specializes in this ever changing market. These types of companies or websites do very well at helping you succeed. Two of the very best text marketing websites for fitness centers are Trumpia and Tatango. Both of these companies use extraordinary SMS marketing software and are the premium source for establishing a worthwhile marketing plan.
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  3. Bulk SMS marketing – Everyone uses some form of mobile device these days. Even our music players can send and receive text messages. Reach out to hundreds, thousands, even millions of potential customers and clients with just an easy text message marketing strategy. Establish SMS updates with your current fitness center customer base and a bulk message marketing plan to keep them up to date, thus keeping their friends and new customers up to date.
  4. fitness sms mobileE-Cards – In addition to bulk SMS marketing, you can also use E-Cards which can be decorated to meet your fitness center or business look. These are very similar to post cards, but sent through text message. Having a personalized E-Card to send to current and future customers show them you value there business. A happy customer is a advertising customer.
  5. QR Codes and mobile coupon promotions – QR Codes, or “Quick Response” Codes and mobile marketing promotions are extremely valuable to a successful fitness mobile marketing strategy. Allowing customers the ability to easily find special promotions get your customers having fun with your fitness center. Consumers look forward to receiving these coupons and codes in order to be “the one who found it” to there friends. This creates a well desirable atmosphere for customers to get involved and will ultimately become very supportive for your fitness center.
  6. Fitness Center health and wellness plans – You can create health and wellness plans for your clients to take “showing that you care” to the next level. Fitness customers may sometimes forget their own diet and exercise routine. You can give them reminders and helpful tips through fitness text marketing strategies. This will deliver a one on one feel for your client and will grow that ever desired new and returning customer base.

Establishing great fitness center mobile marketing strategies can be done very easily, and will take up very little of your time. Especially when using either of the companies listed in idea one, Trumpia and Tatango, they take all the hassle out of mobile text marketing and they work really hard to help you and your sms marketing strategy succeed.

Both websites offer FREE TRIALS.

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