Health Care Mobile Text Marketing

by Michael Armstrong

health sms Here are some helpful Health Care mobile text marketing tips. Here you will find some great information necessary to expanding and forwarding your healthcare business to the next level. How is this achievable and how can you get started today? You will find out here.

The Future of Health Care Marketing

How does mobile text marketing or SMS marketing move any healthcare business into the next generation and provide extraordinary results. Simply and easily is how. That’s right. Move your company forward and grow into a top level healthcare business, above the competition, fast and easily.

Using mobile text marketing services and developing an above satisfactory SMS marketing plan is effortless. This is especially accurate when using mobile marketing services from top online mobile marketing companies.

These health care mobile marketing companies are able to achieve this using their mobile marketing software. This software has super powerful features such as: Bulk SMS marketing messengers, Auto-Responders, QR Codes and mobile coupon products, email forwarding, mobile application development, feedback receiving short codes, and many more equally helpful features. You can find these and many more from both of these great healthcare mobile marketing companies, Tatango and Trumpia.

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How to Get Started with Healthcare Text Marketing

How can you get started today? If your looking to take that first leap and begin the amazing SMS marketing process, you can certainly start off in the right place by going to either of the sites listed above, and again here: Trumpia or Tatango. These companies’ websites and their software all perform above average and get amazing results for many of their customers. Those wonderful services they offer are listed here:


  • health are text marketingAuto-Responders – respond to messages even while your unavailable or after business hours
  • Bulk SMS Messengers – message updates, information, and new marketing promotions on a mass scale to a large audience fast.
  • QR Codes – special promotions get current and prospective customers or clients involved with your business and keep the returning.
  • Mobile Coupons – special promotions can make a huge impact to your healthcare business. Handling these through mobile text
  • Email to mobile Forwarding – have your emails sent directly to your mobile device for easier handling.
  • Mobile Application Development – Create a mobile application for your business to reach more health care customers and increase visibility for your growing healthcare business.
  • Short Codes for Receiving Feedback and/or stats – Receive feedback from your mobile marketing efforts using short codes provided by higher level mobile text marketing companies.
  • E-Cards with templates – beautifully designed templates for creating showcase level E-Cards to send to your current and prospective clients or customers. Great ideas for how to optimize the use of E-Cards includes: Greeting E-Cards, Happy Birthday E-Cards, Holiday E-Cards, Farewell E-Cards, Demographic group targeting E-Cards, Business Partner E-Cards.
  • Newsletters with templates – beautifully designed templates for creating unique newsletters to send to your current and prospective clients or customers.
  • Above the standard, Customer Service, Support Specialists – Trustworthy individuals who take pride in helping individuals in the healthcare sector find success in mobile text marketing and SMS marketing through these and other services.
  • Free Trials – Seven day free trial to check out the service. No obligation, no credit/debit card needed, free test of features. This will show you how well these companies can further your healthcare business or operation.

With all these great features and extreme ease of use, using the best mobile text marketing company is a no brain-er.

Trumpia and Tatango offer premier free trials. Head over and check them out to see how these and other services work. You already see how valuable they are, now try them out.

Healthcare SMS Marketing Free Trial


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