How Restaurants are Using Mobile Coupons

by Michael Armstrong

Restaurants and Mobile Coupons

Mobile Coupons RestaurantWhen the economy suffers, the restaurant industry suffers as well.  Mobile Coupons can help.  Even though eating out is one of the easiest luxuries for households to cut when they tighten their belts. And while weekend nights can have your wait staff bustling, mid-week often means empty tables and idle employees draining your profit margin.

Many establishments have tried newspaper coupons for restaurants with limited success because read and redemption rates for traditional coupons are low – hovering around 1%. However restaurant mobile coupons have a much higher redemption rate, particularly when offered via text as part of a restaurant mobile marketing strategy.

Houston pizza restaurant “Hot Box” used restaurant mobile marketing strategies to increase their coupon redemption rates by over 400%. Restaurant mobile coupons are outpacing paper coupons at a rate of 10 to 1. Your competitors are using local restaurant coupons to lure in diners – customers that could just as easily be in your establishment if you were taking advantage of services such as to text out free coupons to customers and potential customers.

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According to Juniper Research, mobile coupons redeemed are expected to reach $1.25 billion by the end of 2012. By using free coupons for restaurants, you can increase your market share and turn tables over on even the slowest of nights.

People are eating out less – according to ComPsych Corp, 43% less since the economy has taken a dip and restaurants are feeling the pain in their bottom lines. IHOP offered a free stack of pancakes to encourage diners to opt-in to their text marketing list – they then used this to send out restaurant mobile coupons that are being redeemed at a rate of 10% – over 10 times higher than their paper coupon redemption rates.

There are many websites that offer free restaurant coupons applications to get you started easily. Many providers offer plans to send mobile coupons for restaurants starting as low as $25 per month and even offer free trials such as Trumpia.

Restaurant Mobile Coupon Platform

Mobile phone marketing for restaurants can be implemented in a variety of ways – Pizza Hit launched a promo to ramp up their free restaurant coupons program by initiating a contest that offered restaurant mobile coupons for a free pizza each month for the next year. This earned them 15,000 subscribers to their mobile database which in turn enabled them to send local restaurant coupons that greatly increased sales at their stores.

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Diners love free coupons for dining in, take-out and delivery. And by using low cost delivery options for free Mobile coupons for restaurants, you can tap into this booming marketing trend. Restaurant mobile marketing includes mobile websites, apps and mobile coupons. For restaurants, offering free restaurant coupons to your diners and potential diners is a no-lose proposition.

Mobile phone marketing trumps every other promotional tools right now – free coupons for dining sent through email often end up in spam folders – local restaurant coupons sent through the mail often languish unused tacked up to the fridge if they don’t get tossed into the trash right away – but free coupons for restaurants sent via text have an immediacy and convenience unparalleled by these other modes of marketing.

Restaurants that choose to not implement a restaurant mobile marketing strategy do so at their own peril. Restaurant mobile coupons are in growth mode and whether or not you use them, you can bet your competitors will!



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  • Mobile Websites

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