health sms Here are some helpful Health Care mobile text marketing tips. Here you will find some great information necessary to expanding and forwarding your healthcare business to the next level. How is this achievable and how can you get started today? You will find out here.

The Future of Health Care Marketing

How does mobile text marketing or SMS marketing move any healthcare business into the next generation and provide extraordinary results. Simply and easily is how. That’s right. Move your company forward and grow into a top level healthcare business, above the competition, fast and easily.

Using mobile text marketing services and developing an above satisfactory SMS marketing plan is effortless. Continue Reading

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Even loyalty programs are going mobile. There are a variety of businesses that use loyalty programs as part of their overall marketing strategy.  Because mobile marketing is taking off so quickly and becoming a must have marketing tactic, mobile loyalty programs are taking off in the mobile space.

The types of small business that are taking advantage of mobile loyalty programs include retail, restaurants, online merchants, spa’s and salons, nightclubs and even sports teams. Mobile marketing and loyalty programs are teaming up and its a great match!

Old school loyalty programs would normally require a customer to carry some type of membership card.  Continue Reading

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Tatango Review Logo transparentI would like to present my Tatango Review, about their company and their ability to enhance your SMS text marketing strategy.  At this point you know this is the next logical step for your total marketing plan and maybe your even ready to add mobile coupons to the mix.  But, with many mobile marketing companies out there it can be difficult to know which text message marketing software is best.  Allow me to explain how Tatango could be the best logical answer to all of your text marketing needs.

Tatango Review Free Trial

Tatango Timeline

 Don’t know much about them? Here is a summary of their history:

  • In 2007 Derek Johnson started Tatango out of his dorm room
  • In 2008 Tatango received series A funding, and obtains an account in every state
  • Other great 2009 happenings include Derek being named BusinessWeek’s Top 25 under 25
  • The name Tatango was adopted in 2009 also, along with Tatango’s first mobile campaign with over 10,000 subscribers
  • 2010 continues more great news for Tatango. 
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Mobile Marketing for Nonprofits with Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps and SMS Marketing for Nonprofits

Mobile marketing for nonprofits is another critical channel to reach donors for your nonprofit or charity in New York. Mobile apps are the fastest growing segment of mobile marketing – smart phones owners, which represent 50% of US cell phone owners are now spending an average of 2 hours per day using iPhone apps and Android apps for fun, to read books, on line magazines and more.

By setting up a mobile app for your nonprofit or charity, you can encourage donations to your cause and spread awareness to a wider range of people and increase results for your nonprofit beneficiaries. Continue Reading

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Realtors Need a Mobile Website

Mobile Websites for Real Estate AgentsYou’ve probably heard quite a bit about mobile websites lately. With the increasing number of people who own web-capable cellphones, smartphones, and tablets, the mobile web is becoming increasingly relevant.

The need for a mobile website is something shared by all segments of industry, but each has its own unique reasons. This article will focus on a few reasons why realtors, in particular, need to develop their own customized mobile websites ASAP.

The Obvious – Mobile Web vs. Traditional Web

The first reason that realtors need a mobile website is the obvious one. Existing websites do not work well on mobile devices, for a couple of reasons. Continue Reading

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Retail Store Mobile Marketing Strategies

QR Codes for RetailersRetail QR codes are a great match for any text marketing campaign. Because it is easy to link the two together, they fit together well and can enhance your retail mobile marketing strategy in a lot of different ways.

For the first quarter of 2012, there is some promising data on the use of QR codes by consumers. QR Stuff reports that over the first quarter of 2011, QR code usage is up over 380%.

QR codes containing email or SMS have become more popular than QR codes containing a link to a website. Google Maps QR codes are also increasing in popularity, reflecting the desire of consumers to find the local businesses they want to visit. Continue Reading

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How Political Campaigns use QR Code Marketing

Political Campaigns and QR Codes

Political campaign marketing in New York uses all resources possible to get the information out to the public. Everything is used to promote a campaign from internet advertisement, email messaging, text messaging, and QR Code Marketing.

Text message marketing is one of the most commons ways for a political campaign to reach its general public. Through text message marketing the campaign is able to request support and reach out to inform the public about their political stands.

QR codes are the best way for political campaigns to transmit a lot of information to as many people as they’d like all at one time. Continue Reading

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