Real Estate Text Message Marketing Strategies and Tips

by Michael Armstrong

Real Estate SMS Marketing Strategies

SMS Marketing for RealtorsReal estate is one of the oldest industries around and can be slow to embrace new technologies. Yard signs, flyer boxes and open house events have been mainstays of the industry for decades. Yet these methods are costly, cumbersome and require large amounts of man-hours to maintain.


Instead, consider embracing the low-cost, high-tech options of mobile marketing. Real estate mobile marketing featuring text message marketing for realtors using QR codes can save you money while increasing closings. Here are some strategies and tips to use bulk SMS marketing to increase closings:

Don’t miss sales because of empty flyer boxes

Real estate text message marketing can eliminate the frustration a potential buyer feels when they see a house they like and the flyer box is empty. But if you use text codes or QR codes to provide that information, every potential buyer for that property will be able to get the information they want via real estate SMS marketing.

Companies like Tatango can help you implement a real estate text message marketing plan using their customized text message marketing software to replace costly flyers and eliminate the need to drive by and check boxes time and again.

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Real Estate SMS Marketing Free

Don’t miss sales because of missed calls

The old stand-by of posting your phone number on a sign or leaving your business card is becoming less effective. People often postpone calls and if they don’t get you may not leave a message or leave one with minimal information.

By using text message marketing for realtors when a potential buyer texts to the code, they’ll get the info they want and you’ll know instantly who was looking at the property. You’ll also know what time they viewed it so you can follow up with a text or call to schedule a viewing, sometimes even that same day.

Why wait days or weeks to schedule a showing when your potential buyer might want to see it right now? How many closings do not happen due to delays in scheduling the first showing? As you can see, just one extra closing could easily pay for the small amount of time, money and resources you will invest in your text message marketing campaign.

Companies like Trumpia will eliminate the need for you managing your own text message marketing software and can implement your bulk SMS marketing program for you.

Don’t let interest dwindle

One of the biggest advantages of real estate mobile marketing is its immediacy. A potential buyer may see one of your properties they like, but it will no doubt be one of many that will peak their interest.

By using real estate SMS marketing via the use of QR codes and short codes, you will provide to them instant information about the property, let them view it on-the-spot and then be able to follow up more efficiently. By engaging with them in real time, even if you’re out on other showings that day, you’ll keep them more interested in your property and increase the likelihood of the closing happening sooner and at a better price. That means higher commissions for you and a more satisfied seller.

Build a relationship

By reaching out to the potential buyer via real estate text message marketing, you have the opportunity to engage with them. Real estate SMS marketing is the perfect opportunity to chat with a client in a convenient format that they prefer. Even bulk SMS marketing messages can be crafted in such a way that they feel personal to each individual recipient.

Text message marketing for realtors can be one of the most powerful tools in your real estate mobile marketing arsenal. By using real estate text message marketing, you can create a sense of immediacy and intimacy that can translate into increased closings with less time and resources to make them happen.



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