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by Michael Armstrong

Retail Store Mobile Marketing Strategies

QR Codes for RetailersRetail QR codes are a great match for any text marketing campaign. Because it is easy to link the two together, they fit together well and can enhance your retail mobile marketing strategy in a lot of different ways.

For the first quarter of 2012, there is some promising data on the use of QR codes by consumers. QR Stuff reports that over the first quarter of 2011, QR code usage is up over 380%.

QR codes containing email or SMS have become more popular than QR codes containing a link to a website. Google Maps QR codes are also increasing in popularity, reflecting the desire of consumers to find the local businesses they want to visit.

The real beauty of QR codes is that they can increase your SMS messaging capability and enhance your SMS marketing campaign. With the clearly increasing popularity of SMS QR codes, now is the time to put them to work for your retail business, and it isn’t hard to do.

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A retail QR code can be created quite easily, using your business phone number as well as whatever pre-written message you would like your customers to send. This makes it very easy for interested customers to message you. When a customer scans your retail QR code, it will automatically open up SMS messaging on their mobile device, with the “To” and the “Message” fields already filled in.

Once the customer scans your QR code and the messaging window opens, all they have to do is press “Send.” Once this happens, your retail business receives the phone number of the customer to use in future text messaging campaigns.

Examples of how this can work in retail are many. A shoe store can promote new brands on their advertising material, so that when a customer scans the QR code the message field populates with “I love the new Toms!” This message goes back to the store, which can then send out coupons or promotions on that shoe to the interested customer.

On printed product information sheets, a QR code can assist the customer with questions that they need help answering. For example, along with a “Need Assistance?” caption, a QR code can direct the consumer to scan the code to quickly receive a call from technical support.

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QR codes are obviously a great way for customers to opt in for SMS registration. A QR code for a product could include the caption “Scan for product updates and info.” This allows your business to send that customer updates and information related to the product they purchased. It also lets you more fully engage with your customer after purchase and keep contact with them for the future.

Mobile coupons are a great way to combine SMS message marketing and QR codes. Simply utilize a QR code on your advertising material that invites customers to scan it to receive discounts and other offers on products. You also gain the customer’s cell number for your SMS database.

A QR code basically gives your retail business a “get more” button for your customers. Linking this button to SMS messaging takes it one step further and gives you the ability to contact the consumer and go above and beyond in meeting their needs. This in turn, increases your customer loyalty, which leads to increased profits.

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