Retailer Mobile Marketing Ideas

by Michael Armstrong

Retailer Mobile Marketing Strategies

Retail Store Mobile Marketing<br />

Experts are projecting that mobile retail market will reach the $12 billion mark by 2014, and with the rate that it is currently growing at, there is a chance it might even surpass this mark. Combine this with the fact that mobile phones with internet capabilities are outpacing PC and laptop sales by a wide margin and you have a recipe for a retail market of the future that is drastically different than the one that exists today.

Mobile Marketing isn’t Easy

As exciting as mobile marketing is, many retailers are missing the mark when it comes to successful implementation. To help your retail store stay on target with your mobile marketing campaign, here are a few ideas that have proven successful.

5 Mobile Marketing Ideas for Retailers in New York

1. Opt-in List = VIP List – treat the members of your opt-in list for SMS text message marketing campaigns like VIP club members of your retail store. This group of customers is your loyal core. Provide them with special mobile coupons and early information about special offers and sales. They will buy from your frequently and tell their friends, increasing the scope of your marketing efforts via word-of-mouth. You can tailor your text messages to their needs by personalizing their offers with the information you receive when they register.

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2. No Mobile Website, No Sales – customers don’t tolerate retailers without a functioning mobile website. If your site doesn’t display or work properly on their mobile phones, more than 60% will never try to use it again, and more than 40% will quickly move on to your competitors who do have a working mobile site. This is an incredibly easy thing to fix with the help of companies like Dudamobile, so don’t lose sales for no reason.

3. Apps are Not Websites; They are Tools – treating your app like another version of your mobile website is a mistake. Customers take the time to download your app, so you must take the time to differentiate it from your mobile site. Apps work best when they are employed as pure sales tools. Allow customers to easily make purchases via your mobile application and it will have paid for itself (and much, much more) in no time.

4. QR Codes are the Key to Engagement – customers want to be engaged and there is no better way to do this than with the use of QR codes. Add a digital dimension to any marketing materials or products by including QR codes that customers can use to access additional information, content, coupons, videos, etc.

5. Mobile Coupons are a Must – why waste money on printing physical coupons or emailing coupons to users who must then print them out themselves when you can send mobile coupons directly to their phones? This one is a no-brainer. Customers have their phones with them at all times, and when you provide them with mobile coupons, they have an incentive to visit your stores and make purchases at all times as well.

General Mobile Marketing Strategy Musts for Retailers

In addition to all of these ideas, retailers must keep in mind the fact that a good, cost-effective mobile marketing strategy uses all of the tools available – mobile web, mobile apps, QR codes, and text messaging. Each one is a piece of the larger puzzle, and each one is necessary.

However, if there is a center, it is certainly the mobile website, so once again, if you don’t have one yet, check out Dudamobile and their one-click conversion software that will transform your current site in a mobile site in a single step.

Mobile Websites for Retailers Free



Mobile Marketing in New York is taking off in popularity.  Retailers in New York need to look into mobile marketing strategies such as:

  • Text Message Marketing
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Mobile Websites

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