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Tatango Review Logo transparentI would like to present my Tatango Review, about their company and their ability to enhance your SMS text marketing strategy.  At this point you know this is the next logical step for your total marketing plan and maybe your even ready to add mobile coupons to the mix.  But, with many mobile marketing companies out there it can be difficult to know which text message marketing software is best.  Allow me to explain how Tatango could be the best logical answer to all of your text marketing needs.

Tatango Review Free Trial

Tatango Timeline

 Don’t know much about them? Here is a summary of their history:

  • In 2007 Derek Johnson started Tatango out of his dorm room
  • In 2008 Tatango received series A funding, and obtains an account in every state
  • Other great 2009 happenings include Derek being named BusinessWeek’s Top 25 under 25
  • The name Tatango was adopted in 2009 also, along with Tatango’s first mobile campaign with over 10,000 subscribers
  • 2010 continues more great news for Tatango.  Scott Brown uses Tatango to win election
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  • 500 customers were using Tatango in 2010
  • PC World name Tatango as top 52 useful sites
  • 2011 saw Tatango sent it’s 100 millionth text message
  • 2011 also was the launch of version 3.0 of its useful mass text message software
  • 2012 Empact selects Tatango as the top 100 companies run by entrepreneurs under 30
  • The newest software upgrade of 3.1 to the bulk SMS messaging is launched in 2012

10-9-2012 Tatango Selected as Top SMS Short Code Application Provider

Ease of Use Tatango

The set-up of your mobile marketing plan is taken extremely seriously with Tatango.  Their resources are second to none and coupled with the expertise that I previously eluded to, your SMS text broadcast are going to be successful with the guidance of Tatango’s expertise.

Tatango free trial demoThe process is easy and can be accomplished by going to Tatango.com and click the Try it FREE for 7 days button.

Your free trial has a lot going on for you.  You will receive unlimited text messaging, unlimited phone numbers, full access to all the products that Tatango has to offer, plus the Tatango award winning support.

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 SMS Marketing Guide

I had mentioned the award winning support.  Part of making sure that your SMS messaging is a success, is that you understand how to do it properly.  Tatango provides an easy to use beginner’s guide via PDF download.  Inside you will learn how to grow an SMS Subscriber list, using good SMS Marketing keywords, how to measure success, and much, much more.

Tatango Summary

I hope that liked my Tatango Review and got a good understanding of why I like Tatango and find that its such a valuable piece to my bulk SMS messaging marketing plan.  I invite you to look at Tatango for yourself and see if this is the right mobile SMS messaging company for your needs and with a free 7 day trial you really can’t go wrong.

You get to Try Tatango for Free – Click Below to Get Started

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(Check out Tatango’s SMS Text Marketing Platform for Free)

5-Star-Rating Tatango

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Kevin Knowles December 28, 2012 at 9:58 am

I would like to try text marketing and test the results of a mobile marketing campaign before i invest my money in it. Good thing that Tatango is giving out a free 7 days trail. Thank you for letting us know :).

Michael Armstrong December 31, 2012 at 3:13 pm

Kevin, The Free trial is indeed helpful. Anyone interested in trying out Tatango for free CLICK HERE