Why Realtors Need A Mobile Website

by Michael Armstrong

Realtors Need a Mobile Website

Mobile Websites for Real Estate AgentsYou’ve probably heard quite a bit about mobile websites lately. With the increasing number of people who own web-capable cellphones, smartphones, and tablets, the mobile web is becoming increasingly relevant.

The need for a mobile website is something shared by all segments of industry, but each has its own unique reasons. This article will focus on a few reasons why realtors, in particular, need to develop their own customized mobile websites ASAP.

The Obvious – Mobile Web vs. Traditional Web

The first reason that realtors need a mobile website is the obvious one. Existing websites do not work well on mobile devices, for a couple of reasons. It’s a matter of the differences in size and hardware capabilities that exist between desktop and laptop computers, and mobile devices.

First of all, there is screen size. The last thing your customers want to do is give their fingers a workout while they scroll all over the place trying to read your traditional website on a small screen it clearly was never meant to be displayed upon.

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There is also download speed to consider. The last thing you want is customers navigating away from your site because it is taking too long to load.

The Not-So Obvious – The Wonders of Mobility

Now, you may be familiar with many of the features that will be discussed, but chances are you haven’t thought of applying them and incorporating them as features on your mobile site. Also, many of these features can be catered to suit the needs of realtors. All of these features have one thing in common – they only exist on mobile devices.

Maps – On your mobile site, you may have listings of all the houses that you have up for sale. Along with these houses comes information such as price, pictures, etc. However, no amount of information is going to make up for the ability to see it all in person. Well, when your customers want to do this, all they have to do is select the house they are interested in, and your mobile website can provide them with every step of the way, using the GPS capabilities in their mobile phones.

One-Click Call – When you provide your telephone number on a mobile website, your customers won’t have to write it down or memorize it – all they have to do is click on it and their phone will begin calling. It may not seem like a big deal, but any steps you can take to make things easier for your potential clients will improve their chances of choosing you.

Text Updates – If users of your mobile website want to be kept notified of any updates that you post, they can opt-in to a text message list. Text messages are significantly more likely to be read than e-mails, and you’ll be able to reach your customers no matter where they are because they will always have their mobile phone with them.

Mobile Websites for Realtors – How to Get Started

It’s very simple, actually. Head over to Dudamobile, and your mobile website will be up in no time at all. How is that possible? Well, the folks at Dudamobile have developed state-of-the-art mobile web development software that easily transforms your existing website into a mobile friendly site with the push of a single button.

Real Estate Mobile Website Builder

You don’t have to learn anything new, and they have a variety of tools for easy customization. Any changes you make to your existing site will be automatically updated on your mobile site. It’s like having two sites for the work it takes to maintain one. Head over to Duda Mobile and see which of their plans best fits your needs.

If you are interested in outsourcing your retail store mobile website design you can take a look at Odesk.   Odesk is one of the top outsourcing websites.


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